What we do and who we are

In the Student House you can come and join various events, like parties and other social activities. There is something for every taste. The events give you a great opportunity to have fun, gather with your friends from school, and meet new people. All students are more than welcome to join the events in the Student House, you don’t have to be a member or live on Birk Campus. If you have any ideas for an awesome event, feel free to share it with us; we would love to hear about it.

It is the event committee’s responsibility to plan and organize events. We are a group of students who volunteer to give you the best possible events. We enjoy creating and planning these events that we take part in ourselves. In the event committee, we have a great cooperation and a lot of fun together. It is a unique possibility to meet people across different educations. If you think this sounds like something for you, feel free to contact us and join the team.

Annual Events 

Tour De Chambre since 1999

Tour De Chambre is an event in September where new and old residents get together and visit each other’s apartments. Joining this event is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Each  of the participants will open their apartment and prepare a little surprise for the visitors. Tour de Chambre ends at the Student House with a party.

Birk League since 2009

Birk League is an annual football season the studenthouse represents every year.
The football tournament begins in mid April and ends with a big party on the Final day on the first friday of June. The last sign up date is the 31th of March.

Birk League is also on facebook: link to Birk League Facebook page


Each semester the Student House will host approx. one party a month. Sometimes the parties have a theme like Oktoberfest, J-day, Halloween, a sports party or a college party. Some parties are more fun if you dress up, other parties just require a good mood. Come and join the people you know from school and campus!

Here’s a link to the events the Student house presents: link to Birk Campus events

Christmas Bingo

Come and try your luck at the Christmas Bingo. Buy a bingo plate, a portion of traditional Danish “æbleskiver” (Christmas pastry), and some “glögg” or hot chocolate. Amazing prizes are donated to us by sponsors which you can hope to win if your numbers that get selected.