In the Student House we offer a variety of refreshments that can be bought in the bar. You can choose between soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, and hot drinks. The prices are reasonable in order to avoid ruining your student budgets. In addition, being a member of the Student House makes it even cheaper. Our friendly bartenders will try to add to a cozy atmosphere together with great music that fits the occasion.

The Bar Committee

The bar committee is a group of fun and outgoing students who manage the bar at parties and cafés. We are doing our very best to serve the greatest drinks to you while you’re hanging out with your friends. It brings satisfaction to be in the bar committee because we see people having fun together with us. Be the center of the party and join the bar committee.

The Bar Offers:

Beer (Carlsberg, Tuborg, ect.) 20 kr
A Bucket (5 beers) 75 kr
Somersby 25 kr
Long drinks 30 kr
Single shot 10 kr
12 shots 110 kr
10 deluxe shots 110 kr
Tea/coffee/hot chocolate 15 kr
Soft drinks 10 kr