The Student House gives you the opportunity to work out in your spare time. The fitness has both cardio and muscle building machines. The fitness is open 24/7 – with the exception of the nights when a party is held in the Student House. However, it is only for members of the Student House, so if you feel like having a cheap opportunity to work out – sign up!

Under cardio machines, we have stepping, rowing, and cross fit machines as well as bikes. We have several machines for toning every part of your body; furthermore, we have a range of weightlifting facilities.

If you like to work out and you’re already living in our gym, you should consider joining the fitness committee where we try to make the fitness even better for all members.

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Contact info for workout help:

Do you feel like you could use some help getting started in the gym or does your fitness program need an upgrade? Contact and we will do our best to help you.