This page is where we answer Frequently Asked Questions and if your question is not answered here, you are more than welcome to contact us.

What does a membership entail?

In order to get a membership, you must be a resident at Birk campus. You will get a membership card that grants you unlimited access to the lounge and the fitness room. On normal café nights (Tuesday and Thursday), you will receive a discount on certain drinks.

Please notice that membership cannot be shared. The use of another’s membership card will conclude in a withdrawal of the used card and expulsion of the person.

How do I become a member?

If you wish to become a member, you will have to contact Fruehøjgaard at post@fruehojgaard.dk

Can I rent the café if I want to have a party?

Yes. You are able to rent the student café and “fælleshuset”/the community house (located behind the student café building). Underneath, you will find a list of prices and services available:

The Student House (Café) Fælleshuset
Price 500kr. (+1000kr. deposit) 1000kr. (+1000kr. deposit)
Duration Normally from 8 PM – noon next day Normally from 15:00 – 12:00 next day
Staff 2 bartenders at all times No staff
Drinks All drinks are served by the bartenders (25kr./beer) Many different drinks available The tenants bring their own drinks
Cleaning Bartenders clean the bar area, tenants clean the the rest Tenants clean everything themselves
Special conditions In need of renting both houses, bartenders shall attend both buildings and all rules follow normal Student House renting rules.
Should things break due to misuse or should the cleaning be unfulfilled, tenant looses deposit.

To rent the Studenthouse please contact us here: cafeen@birk-campus.dk

To rent Fælleshuset please contact us here: udlejning@birk-campus.dk

How do I become a volunteer?

If you want to become a volunteer, or hear more about it, you can contact the chairman of the committee you are interested in joining.

Event: event@birk-campus.dk
Bar: caféen@birk-campus.dk
Fitness: motion@birk-campus.dk