Fitness in Birk

Just like the rest of The StudentHouse, Fitness is being maintained by volunteers with a passion for making Birk a greater place to live. Currently it is being maintained by these fantastic people:

Jonas StampeMartin HjerrildJesper WestersøLine Hove

Becoming a member of Birk Fitness

If you already live in Birk via Fruehøjgaard, it is as simple as calling Fruehøjgaard and ask to become a member of Birk Fitness. Membership fees will be added to your rent, and you’ll get unlimited access to all of Birk Fitness.

If you don’t live with Fruehøjgaard, it is still the same procedure. Call Fruehøjgaard and explain that you would like to be a member of Birk Fitness.

Fruehøjgaard can be reached at: +45 76 64 66 00