The StudentHouse is entirely run by volunteers from Birk Campus and the surrounding areas. Without the volunteers there would be no StudentHouse in Birk or on Herning.

The StudentHouse is devided into 4 different departments:

  • Bar and Cafe
  • Event
  • Fitness
  • Board.

Each of the departments have at least one, and max two chairpersons who is responsible for the daily workings of their respective department. At the same time the chairpersons are a part of the Board, where the overall strategy and decisions for the StudentHouse are being made.

Do you want to become a volunteer as well?

Being a volunteer is just like an ordinary job, except you do it because it is awesome and you love contribution to the people and environment surrounding the StudentHouse, Birk Campus, and other students in the area.
Being a volunteer also implies that you don’t get paid, at least not in cool cash, because you do actually get some pretty nifty benefits from becoming a volunteer at the StudentHouse – but that is just a cool bonus!